iOS 9.3 beta 4 fixes devices locked down by ‘January 1, 1970’ bug

The iOS 9.3 beta released earlier this week includes a fix for the ‘January 1, 1970’ bug that has been bricking devices, reports MacRumors. The site points to its forums, where multiple users found that their devices stuck in boot loops were able to be restored to working order via an update to beta 4.

The fix is two-fold. Folks with the beta installed say that you can no longer move the time on December 31, 2000 past 7 p.m.—disabling the bug entirely, since this prevents you from scrolling back to 1970. And as mentioned above, the new firmware can also unbrick devices affected by the glitch.

From the report:
“This update fixed the 1970 date bug. Had two retail units stuck in boot loops do to some pricks setting the date to 1970 and restoring in DFU mode did not help. But restorting to this BETA update made both devices go back to normal.”
This fix is much better than the previous one: removing the battery, which, for most people, meant a trip to an Apple Store for a restore that way.

The bug itself was simple enough: After the iOS device is set to the date mentioned above, restarting it will result in a bricked phone. A trip to the Apple Store is the only thing that will fix the issue. Some users have said they’ve been able to get to the DFU screen, and when the device is plugged into their computer iTunes even recognizes it, but it won’t get past the initial boot screen.


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