How to clear app badges on your iPhone with 3D Touch

Here’s a gem for 3D Touch fans and jailbreakers alike; a new free jailbreak tweak that goes by the name of QuickClear is now available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository that lets you perform a 3D Touch gesture on any app icon with a notification badge to clear the badge from the app icon.

The tweak works by taking advantage of 3D Touch for clearing the notification badges. When you find an app on your Home screen with a pending notification badge, simply perform a 3D Touch gesture on it to view the shortcut menu. You’ll notice that there’s now a new option labelled “Clear Badge” that does exactly what it says. The label also displays the total amount of notifications that are pending in the app.

Once you tap on the ‘Clear Badge’ shortcut, the tweak will hide the red badge from the app icon. You can do this for any app that you wish with 3D Touch as long as they have a notification badge to hide.

Interestingly, clearing an app’s badge will also remove the corresponding notifications from Notification Center. By doing this, there’s a greater likelihood that you might also forget about the pending notification after it has been cleared.

QuickClear doesn’t come with any additional configuration. Once you’ve installed it, simply 3D Touch on an app icon with a pending notification badge and choose the clear badge option.

By taking advantage of 3D Touch, the tweak provides a convenient way of clearing app badges and feels more like a native feature. Keep in mind that even after the tweak is uninstalled, the hidden notification badges will still not be visible to the user.


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