This tweak gives iOS notifications a new makeover

iOS notifications is very important as it reminds people what they have missed from calls, text messages and etc... the default system of iOS notifications is whenever you miss something it will be stack up on the Lock screen and in Notification Center until you have a moment to look back at all of them.

The notifications are separated with padding and are plain Jane, but for those that want to switch things up a bit and make notifications look a bit more modern or appealing, a new jailbreak tweak called RedesignedNotifications will let you personalize the look of your Lock screen and Notification Center notifications to your own personal preference.

For those of you that are a lot like me, RedesignedNotifications can, without a doubt, appeal to your desires to change things up. This also goes for those of you that are a little more exotic and like having starkly-contrasting colors on your device because you like to stand out from everyone else.

This tweak gives you control over not only the colors of the notifications themselves and the text within them, but also lets you configure the following items for your notifications:
  • Notification transparency
  • Rounded corners
  • Width of the notification cells
  • Text and icon alignment
  • Notification privacy
  • Rounded icons
  • Text shimmer animations
  • Light or heavy font
Configuring the tweak
Below, we’ll outline what these features do:

  • Full Width Cells: makes the notification span the entire width of the display.
  • Round Corners: gives notifications rounded corners and lets you adjust the roundness radius.
  • Privacy Mode: hides the notification’s description label so others can’t see the content.
  • Left Align: aligns the notification text and icon to the left side of the notification.
  • Transparency: lets you fine-tune the transparency of notifications with a slider.
  • Round Icons: makes app icons in notifications round instead of square.
  • Hide Icons: hides app icons from notifications.
  • Shimmer Label: makes your notification labels shimmer like the ‘slide to unlock’ text does.
  • Light Font: enables a lighter font with a smaller footprint for a cleaner look.
  • Custom Cell Color: lets you choose a color from a picker for the notification cell itself.
  • Custom Primary Label Color: lets you choose a color from a picker for the app name in the notification.
  • Custom Secondary Label Color: lets you choose a color from a picker for the app description in the notification.
If you like customizing things, like the notifications that appear on your Lock screen or in Notification Center, I think you would have fun customizing this tweak to your liking and taking it for a spin.

RedesignedNotifications can be had from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.50.


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