iPhone 6 Plus catches fire on owner’s bed while charging

An Atlanta man reports that his iPhone 6 Plus unexpectedly caught fire while it was charging. David Grimsley had placed the phone on his bed and about twenty minutes later it went up in flames. "There were sparks and flames," he says.

Grimsley was forced to push the phone to a hard surface, away from the bed and carpet, and wait until the flames died down before he could see the damage. Which was extensive, as is evident in the image above.
“The whole apartment could have burned down.”
Apple told him they'd replace the device but Grimsley was disappointed by the response. "I thought they'd be more concerned, or check to see if I got burned or anything was damaged," he said.

Grimsley says that he’s kind of nervous about plugging in the new phone to charge it, in fear that the same situation could happen again, but with much worse results. For what it’s worth, the report does not seem to indicate whether or not Grimsley was using a third-party charger to power up the iPhone 6 Plus, or the standard one that comes out of the box.



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