Ford announces CarPlay availability for all Sync 3-equipped 2017 vehicles

CarPlay has slowly gained momentum over the last few years, but 2016 might be the year when it really breaks into the mainstream. That’s because Ford has announced that all of the Sync 3-equipped cars in its 2017 North American lineup will feature CarPlay as an option.

Ford was one of the first vehicle manufacturers to commit to supporting CarPlay when it was announced in 2014, but until now, the company has been very quiet about its CarPlay plans. Now it has confirmed that the 2017 Escape will be the first Ford car that comes with CarPlay installed.

The new Escape will also be the first vehicle to come with Ford’s new Sync Connect system, which gives your car LTE connectivity — but other Ford cars with Sync 3 technology will get an update that enables LTE later this year.

The Verge reports that owners of 2016 Ford cars will also have the option to upgrade their in-car entertainment systems to add CarPlay later this year, but it’s currently unclear which vehicles will be supported, how much the upgrade will cost, or what the process will be.

I have to be honest and say that I wouldn’t even consider a new car purchase that didn’t feature CarPlay built-in, so it’s nice to see auto manufactures finally beginning to move on this.


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