Apple will shut down the iAd App Network for developers on June 30

Apple on Friday announced that it plans to shutdown its iAd app network in June. The company made the statement on its developer web portal, telling app-makers that it is no longer accepting applications for the network.

As of right now, Apple is no longer accepting any new additions to the app network, but for the advertisement campaigns that already exist, they will continue to do so until June 30. Any ad revenue will continue to get earned until that date as well.

From the report:
“The iAd App Network will be discontinued as of June 30, 2016. Although we are no longer accepting new apps into the network, advertising campaigns may continue to run and you can still earn advertising revenue until June 30. If you’d like to continue promoting your apps through iAd until then, you can create a campaign using iAd Workbench.”
This update from Apple comes on the heels of a report from BuzzFeed recently that said Apple would be stepping back its role from the iAd platform, and let publishers take the reigns.



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