Apple Watch Hermès collection to go on sale online starting this Friday

Beginning this Friday, acquiring an Apple Watch model from the Apple Watch Hermés Collection will no longer require a visit to a physical Apple Store. That’s because you’ll be able to order an Apple Watch Hermés directly from the comforts of your own home.

As its name suggests, the special edition Apple Watch Hermès was developed by Apple in close collaboration with the luxury lifestyle accessories brand Hermès. In total, the companies have developed 10 different variations of the Apple Watch, with all of them featuring a stainless steel Apple Watch casing. The watch is available in three different bands — Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff — and in four different colors: Fauve, Etain, Capucine, and Blue Jean.

In addition, the special edition Apple Watch also features an exclusive and customisable watch face that is not found on other ‘normal’ Apple Watch models.

The price of the base variant of the Apple Watch Hermès starts at $1,100, with the high-end variant costing north of $1,500.


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