Apple releases new app-focused Apple TV ad

Apple on Thursday shared a new video advertisement for the Apple TV on its YouTube page. Aptly named “The Future of TV is Apps,” the spot highlights a number of popular games and applications that are available through the tvOS App Store.

In the ad, the Apple TV set-top box morphs to match the theme of each app that is shown in the spotlight including Netflix, Apple Music, WatchESPN, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Disney Infinity, Gilt, GrubHub, Showtime, Crossy Road, HBO Now and Fox Now, among others. The ad ends similarly to how all of the fourth-generation Apple TV advertisements end, with the brightly colored television test bars.

It isn’t a surprise to see the new Apple TV ad as the Cupertino California company has been promoting it through a series of television ads, bright billboards in several key cities, web ads and social media campaigns since the launch of the fourth-generation Apple TV in October. It should be noted that app support is one of the many “flagship” features of the new Apple TV with other features such as an all-new tvOS operating system, Siri integration, a touchpad remote along with other enhancements.


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