Apple Registers '' and Other Automobile Related Domain Names

It’s been a bit of time since reports about Apple’s automobile plans made the rounds, so it’s about time they made a comeback. According to a new report, Apple has filed for three separate top-level domain names:,, and According to some WhoIs tracking, it’s been revealed that Apple initially made the registrations back in December of 2015, but the pages were updated on January 8. The domains were registered through sponsoring registrar MarkMonitor, Inc.

While the domains could be related to CarPlay, they could also be for Apple's rumored electric vehicle. Visiting any one of the sites now simply says that the server can’t be reached.

As it stands, the Apple Car caught enough traction through the end of 2015 that many believed it was a foregone conclusion that it existed, and that Apple has every intention of launching its own vehicle at some point in the future. It’s known as “Project Titan” within the company, according to reports, and Apple has indeed been hiring professionals that could help bring a vehicle to market.


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