Apple quietly increases prices of iPhone and iPad in Germany due to copyright fees

Apple has slightly raised prices of select iPhone and iPad models sold through its webstore in Germany in order to comply with new private copyright levies, as first reported by
The Bitkom announcement indicates that the copyright charges for mobiles will be up to 6.25 euros per device and up to 8.75 euros for tablets. For Bitkom members — which Apple is a part of — reduced rate of 5 euros on smartphones and 7 euros on tablets apply.

Apple has increased the prices on a similar trend, with the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s series now costing 5 euros more. Prices of the iPad Air series, the iPad Pro, and the iPad mini series have now also increased by 8 euros.

Apple had increased the prices of Mac in Germany due to copyright laws way back in 2010. Other OEMs that sell their smartphones and tablets in Germany will have also increased the prices of their products by a similar margin.

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