App Admin: Jailbreak tweak allows users to downgrade to an older version of iOS app right on their iPhone

App Admin (formerly App Control) is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily downgrade App Store apps on iOS. The tweak, which is still in beta, was met with positive response after it was released several days ago.

The tweak allows you to easily downgrade apps to any version that you’d like in just a couple of minutes without going through complex steps. It keeps track of all the versions available for an app and lets you choose the one that you’d like to downgrade to.
Once installed, App Admin will be enabled by default. To downgrade an app, launch the App Store and search for the app or look for it in the Updates tab. Now tap on the Update/Open/Download button and you’ll be prompted to downgrade it to an older version. The tweak provides a list of the versions an app can be downgrade to but if you don’t find a specific version in the list then you can tap on the + button and enter it manually.
You can search for a specific version of an app from its ItunesMetadata.plist file in /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/ under the ‘softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers’ key.

Once you choose the package version, the app will be automatically downgraded from the App Store to the selected version.

App Admin provides a very simple and convenient way of downgrading apps to any version that you’d like. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone and a few minutes of your time.

App Admin is one of the best jailbreak tweaks that we’ve seen in quite some time, and it’s definitely worth checking out. If you’d like to try the beta, simply click here from your jailbroken iPhone.


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