Sonos now supports Apple Music in beta

As promised, Apple Music is available on Sonos wireless speakers from today, marking the first official third-party integration of Apple’s subscription-based music service.

Apple was quick to point out that support was coming “soon” after the public launch of Apple Music earlier this year, and in November it was finally confirmed that, beginning December 15, support for Sonos speakers and Apple Music would finally land. However, while supports is now rolling out, and which was confirmed back in November, it is only in beta form for now.

That means that Sonos supports is only available for those who signed up for the beta back in November. For those who hadn’t signed up at that time, Sonos says they will be adding more people as the beta rolls on, but for now it’s locked to only a select amount of people. Sonos does plan to release Apple Music support to the wide audience at some point in the early part of 2016.

Sonos owners that are part of the beta will need to add Apple Music to their Controller app (where Spotify and Pandora are already located), so that they can control the streaming music coming out of their speaker(s). Once it’s added, users will see the traditional sections, including “For You,” “My Music,” “New,” and “Radio.”

How to get on the beta
To join the public beta, follow the steps outlined bellow:

Step 1: Open the Sonos app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Settings then Advanced Settings.

Step 3: Tap Beta Program.

Step 4: Now Tap Join the Beta Program.

Step 5: Update your Sonos system. The Update Now prompt may take up to 15 minutes to appear but you can tap Online Updates in the Settings menu to update immediately.

Step 6: Add Apple Music from the Add Music Services menu.


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