iPhone 7 Edge concept shows a 2K edge display and stereo speakers

Check out this new iPhone 7 Edge concept from SCAVidsHD that features a 5.5-inch 2k display, an A10 chip, 4GB of RAM, a 3500 mAh battery, and more.

Dubbed the ‘iPhone 7 Edge’, the creator envisions the next iPhone to feature a 5.5-inch curved display with 2K resolution display, an A10 chip with 4GB RAM, 3500mAh battery, surround sound speakers and a 16MP camera.

The concept looks similar to the iPhone 6 from the front, with only a few minor design tweaks, including speaker grilles at the top and bottom. Taking a cue of out Samsung’s book, the display of this concept iPhone 7 extends to its edges for an immersive experience.


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