How to add Mario-inspired notification sounds to iOS

If you are an old gamer who used to play Nintendo games like super Mario and so on, probably you need to check this. . 1UP is a brand new tweak that alters the sound of Message notifications to that of the classic Mario coin sound found in Nintendo’s storied gaming franchise.

The real treat of the tweak, and the inspiration behind the name, comes from when you reach a preset threshold of notifications. By default, once you receive 10 notifications for the Messages app, you’ll hear the special “1UP” sound instead of the typical coin notification.

After installation, you can begin using 1Up immediately, or you can head over to the tweak’s preferences to configure some of its options. There’s the obligatory kill switch, but there’s also a section for setting the number of notifications that must be obtained before you hear the special 1Up sound. You can easily change the default number of 10 notifications to any number of your choosing.
1UP’s settings also allow you to adjust the “levels” (apps) that work with tallying the notifications. The only level set by default is the Messages app, but you can enable any additional app to help increase the notification tally and reach the special 1Up notification sound at a faster pace.

You can try 1UP for free by downloading it from Cydia store via Modmyi repo..


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