Grab the 32GB Apple TV 4 and 6ft. HDMI cable bundle from RadioShack for $119.98

A few days ago, we told you about an in-store promotion that RadioShack was running to sell the Apple TV for $50 off its retail price. Today, RadioShack is still discounting the Apple TV, and this time you can purchase the popular set top box via RadioShack’s online store.

The usual price of the fourth generation Apple TV is $149.99, while the 6ft. HDMI cable usually costs $19.99. So if you take this bundle, you will end up saving $50. Most people might not need the HDMI cable, but even then, you end up saving $30 on Apple’s fourth generation HDMI streaming box.
The bundle is available both online and in-store, though shipping the product to your doorstep will incur an additional cost of $5.95. The bundle is available in limited quantities and is limited to one per customer, so if you don’t want to miss out on this great deal, make sure to hurry up to your nearest RadioShack or just order it from their website.



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