Google is Working on a New Messenger App

The Wall Street Journal citing “people familiar with the matter” has published a report that claims Google is working on a new messaging service for mobile that will take advantage of its AI and “so-called chatbot technology.”

For its new service, Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., plans to integrate chatbots, software programs that answer questions inside a messaging app, the people familiar with the matter said. Users will be able to text friends or a chatbot, which will scour the Web and other sources for information to answer a question, those people said. It is unclear when Google will launch the service, or what it will be called.

 Also in doubt is whether the new approach will be more successful than the company’s prior efforts. Users typically join messaging services because they know other users; Google has struggled to create such network effects with both Hangouts and Messenger.

It is unclear when Google plans on launching its new messaging service and what it will be called. Google’s current messaging platform, Hangouts, is not doing particularly well, but its failure is to be blamed on the company itself. The lack of frequent updates and any meaningful additions to Hangouts over the last year or two have made sure that even loyal Google users flock to other messaging services.



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