Facebook rolling out support for viewing and sharing Live Photos

When Apple introduced Live Photos at its September 2015 iPhone 6s event it also announced an SDK allowing third-parties to implement support for them, while specifically saying that Live Photos would be coming to Facebook before year-end.

Following Tumblr's iOS app which was the first app to support Live Photos feature, Facebook today started rolling out the ability to upload and view Live Photos from within their iOS app, TechCrunch reports.

According to a report published recently by The Verge, Facebook is now in the process of rolling out support, amid further testing, for viewing and sharing Live Photos on iOS-based devices within its app. Facebook’s support for Live Photos has never been in question, but when the social networking giant would get around to supporting the new feature was never confirmed. Looks like the company is at least trying to get support rolled out to many of its users before Christmas kicks in.

The full rollout won’t be completed until sometime in 2016, though.

Live Photos on Facebook are viewable on any iOS device with iOS 9.0 or later, including the iPhone 4s. Live Photos show as static images in your feed by default. To animate a Live Photo, you have to tap and hold the icon in the corner which looks like a set of concentric circles which resembles the Live Photos icon in Apple’s Camera app.

This is a staggered release so Facebook isn’t pushing support for Live Photos out to everyone at once. “While some people will see them start popping up in their feeds as early as this morning, many won’t see them until the new year,” the publication cautions.



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