Developer streams Steam games from PC to new Apple TV

Kevin Smith, the developer behind the MAME emulator that allows you to run classic Nintendo and Sega games, as well as play arcade games on your fourth-generation Apple TV, is back with another cool software: an unofficial client that can stream Steam games from a Windows PC to Apple’s new box.

The solution takes advantage of an iOS edition of Moonlight, an open source implementation of Nvidia’s GameStream technology used by its Shield console.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the developer showcases Grand Theft Auto V being streamed to his Apple TV that is running on his PC. He managed to achieve this feat by modifying Moonlight for iOS, an open source alternative to Nvidia’s GameStream.

For those interested into technicalities, Moonlight streams Steam games using Nvidia’s own game-streaming protocol. Unfortunately, as the application uses dirty tricks that are not allowed on tvOS, you won’t find it in the Apple TV App Store (for now).


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