DeleteCut:Quickly delete entire words

Sometimes it happen when you are texting with a friend and after typing many sentences you change your mind and start deleting them. You will have to hold the delete key for a few seconds to delete text. But wouldn't it be good if you can quickly delete entire words with just one click ?

That’s the basic premise behind DeleteCut. It’s a jailbreak tweak that allows you to quickly delete whole words when pressing the Delete key while holding the Shift key. If you’re a prolific typer, then this free jailbreak tweak is bound to save you some time.
Once DeleteCut is installed, you have the option of configuring its preferences via the stock Settings app. Preferences for the tweak include what amounts to a kill-switch, and a color selection for the delete key.

When the Shift key is held, the Delete key is tinted in the color selected to let you know that entire words will be deleted upon pressing the key. You can change the Delete key to a color of your choice using the hexadecimal value input or the color slider inside the tweak’s preferences.

The tweak is available at Cydia store give it a try and let us know your opinion.


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