Apple Submits Written Statement Opposing the UK's Proposed Investigatory Powers Bill

Remember the Investigatory Powers bill that the U.K. government plans on passing to ban end-to-end encryption? The bill was called as “stupid” by Wikipedia co-founder and he even went on to say that Apple should stop selling the iPhone in the country if it is passed.

Earlier today Apple has submitted a written statement in opposition of the UK's proposedInvestigatory Powers Bill. The bill would force companies including Apple to keep an encryption key to services such as iMessage and FaceTime.
“We believe it would be wrong to weaken security for hundreds of millions of law-abiding customers so that it will also be weaker for the very few who pose a threat,” Apple said. “In this rapidly evolving cyber-threat environment, companies should remain free to implement strong encryption to protect customers”
Apple further says that creating backdoors will lead to its products and services like iMessage being vulnerable and accessible to not just by government bodies but hackers and criminals as well. In its letter, the company has requested the government to make changes to the proposed legislation before it is passed.

Apple also expressed concerns over another section of the bill that essentially makes it legal for government agencies to hack into computers worldwide. The bill also states that tech companies should help such government agencies if the need so arises. Apple says that such bills would place its relationship with consumers in a very difficult position and will also overlap with foreign and domestic laws.

So what do you think ?


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