Apple has quietly increased the 25,000 songs limit for iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library

According to a report by blogger Kirk McElhearn, Apple has increased iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library track limits above the original 25,000 track threshold. This increase, while yet to be officially acknowledged by Apple, has been in the cards since at least summer.
Back in June, Eddy Cue had confirmed that the company planned to increase the 25,000 song limit with the launch of Apple Music. Cue had said that Apple was working to increase the limit to 100,000 songs for iOS 9, but the limit wasn’t increased when the iOS software update was released in September.

It is not clear if the limit has been increased to 100,000 songs as Apple is yet to update the support page. It still says “you can have up to 25,000 songs in your music library.”

The 100,000 song limit will allow Apple Music to surpass Google Play Music, which lets users upload 50,000 songs. However, Google’s upload service is free — you don’t need a Play Music subscription — while iTunes Match has been priced at $24.99 a year.


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