Apple asks Samsung to pay an additional $180 million in patent dispute case

Less than two weeks after Samsung paid Apple upwards of $548 million for infringing the design of the iPhone and its associated patents, Apple has requested the U.S. court to ask Samsung to pay it an additional $180 million.

The company claims in its court papers that Samsung owes Apple nearly $180 million in supplemental damages and interest.
In court papers filed on Wednesday, Apple Inc said Samsung Electronics Co Ltd owes nearly $180 million in supplemental damages and interest.
The Apple v. Samsung case has been running since 2011 during which the damage amount has seen numerous revisions. The final verdict of the case was delivered earlier this month after both companies agreed to enter into a court-supervised meditation. Samsung was initially supposed to pay Apple $1 billion in damages, but the amount was reduced by $450 million during the case proceedings because some of the patents were deemed invalid.



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