WordPress launches its Mac app with all of the crucial publishing tools in place

If you blog in any capacity at all, chances are you’re on WordPress, the world’s top blogging platform that now powers one out of each four websites on the Internet. Automatic, the company behind WordPress, has been updating its mobile blogging app on a regular basis and today they’re introducing a brand new WordPress for Mac app.

Billed as “a new way to write,” the free app lets you manage, edit and publish content to your WordPress-hosted or self-hosted sites and WordPress VIP ones.

The Mac app is available now alongside a thorough redesign of wordpress.com, both of which are also going open-source today with the launch.

All of the required and expected publishing tools are in place, along with a Reader Mode, notifications, access to the settings for each site, and site stats to keep track of the important parts. For those that have multiple sites, the new app makes switching between them, and publishing content to them, as easy as possible.

It’s an app that supports OS X El Capitan and the platforms features, including full-screen mode. The app all supports OS X notifications, key commands, and badges displayed on the app’s icon in the dock.


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