WinterBoard Themes for iOS 9

Recently popular themes jailbreak tweak has just got a new update to support iOS 9. So in case you are on iOS 9 and looking for some themes that supports WinterBoard and iOS 9, we got your back. With the release of iOS 9, designers have been updating existing themes and releasing new ones, many of which we’ve looked through to bring you some of the best Winterboard themes for iOS 9 in Cydia.

So shall we start ?


There are quite a few shadow-based themes available in Cydia, but none of them literally stand out like Flatish, which features icons containing multi-level layers that cast different levels of shadows. The result is fascinating to see and does wonders to help set this theme apart from others of its kind.

The issue with themes of this type – not just Flatish – is that app icons that aren’t themed won’t look so great next to custom icons with beautiful shadows. One solution to this is to hide unthemed icons with a tweak like Apex 2 until they become supported. Still, mismatched icons are always an annoyance.

You can check them out for yourself for a $3.99 purchase, which includes support for iOS 7–9.

ayeris (3.99)

Anyone who has been on the jailbreak scene for very long at all has undoubtedly heard of ayeris, the theme I can only describe as “candied” because of its soft blurs and candy-like color palette. While it always takes me a little time to adjust to ayeris after installing it for the first time in a while, it’s one of the best looking themes that stays comfortably close to iOS’s stock design.

Of course, there is more to ayeris than just icons, as it modifies the Home screen dock as well as system glyphs and status bar icons, and it comes with a few tasteful wallpapers as well.


Following the aesthetics of iOS without too much of an alteration in design cues, Amury is a great solution for blending themed icons with non-themed ones. Even though it doesn’t stray very far from the traditional iOS look, many of the redesigns in Amury are welcome improvements and fresh new looks at old icons.

Besides looking nice on the Home screen, Amury does a great job redesigning icons within Settings and theming various UI elements, and it comes with several alternative icons, many of which I like better than the default ones you see above. But perhaps my favorite property of Amury is how it redesigns icons while retaining a native iOS look and blending with unthemed icons. You can add Amury to your collection for $3.49.


Themers looking for a minimal solution for their device should look into Amor, a simple theme with colors a tad too bright to be called pastel but still pleasing to the eye and reasonably diverse. The symbols on each app icon are tastefully done with designs matching the simplistic ideals conveyed by Amor, and most of the icons have a subtle but refined fold through them – with half of the symbol or background being slightly darker than the other – occurring either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

An issue with this sort of theme, as is the case with Flatish and similar designs, is that most unthemed icons are going to stick out glaringly next to the icons that conform to Amor’s visual cues. Again, this can be solved with Apex 2, but anyone strongly opposing a lack of uniformity should take note. That said, this theme is excellent for a minimal, flat look and could help to create a simple UI in collaboration with jailbreak tweaks for altering the iPhone’s interface. Amor can be picked up in Cydia for $1.99.


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