WinterBoard now supports iOS 9

Great news for people who are on iOS 9 and want to try new themes on their iOS devices. Jay freeman has just updated popular theming jailbreak tweak WinterBoard and it is now compatible with all iOS devices running on iOS 9.

This means that you can now enjoy all of the many wonderful themes available on Cydia with the latest available jailbreak.
Although I’m not personally very big on theming, I understand that it resonates with quite a few of you in the jailbreak community, so a WinterBoard update is certainly worth recognizing.

Saurik notes that the WinterBoard for iOS 9 release was primarily tested by Surenix using his well-known ayecon theme. With this in mind, there may be other issues that arise as more people test out the WinterBoard update. As such, saurik is asking that users report any problems that they encounter.

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