Verizon finally lands waiver necessary to launch Wi-Fi Calling

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday gave Verizon permission to begin offering Wi-Fi Calling. As noted by MacRumors, the Commission granted the carrier a waiver today that will allow it to rollout the feature, which was introduced last year with iOS 8.

The news comes a month after AT&T was granted the same waiver, and it activated Wi-Fi Calling for compatible devices days later. In a statement, it also criticized the FCC for excusing the fact that Sprint and T-Mobile have long been offering the feature without a waiver.

However, while Verizon has been given the green light to launch the service, there are still no definitive dates penned in from the carrier. On its website it has effectively confirmed that it plans on launching Wi-Fi Calling “soon,” but nothing has been finalized just yet. When AT&T received permission for its waiver, though, the functionality was turned on in a matter of days, so one can hope that Verizon will follow in those steps.



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