The Apple Watch 2 now rumored to launch June 2016

The Apple Watch may have been met with a muted response from critics (and it’s still being rolled out around the world), but that’s not stopping Tim Cook & Co. from working on a next-generation model.

According to an Apple supplier, a second-generation Apple Watch is already in the works.

In a report initially published by G for Games, and citing information provided over a Quanta earnings call by the company’s Chairman, Barry Lam (via the United Daily News), the manufacturer expects that the Apple Watch 2 will debut by the end of the second quarter, 2016. If that is indeed the case, it would mean that Apple would miss the April window for a on-the-mark yearly refresh, and could possibly mean the company plans on launching the new wearable as early as June of next year.

Lam also said that he believes shipments for the Watch 2 will grow considerably, thanks to upgraded hardware on the new wearable, and upgrades to the software as well.

As far as rumors go for the Apple Watch 2, the churn is relatively light at this point. In July of this year, a report cropped up that suggested Apple was keeping the same display size for the next-generation Apple Watch, but was aiming to install a bigger battery in the new unit. However, in late August another report indicated that Apple could be aiming to skip a yearly refresh of the Apple Watch altogether, seeing as many owners might not want to upgrade their watch every year, and instead will be planning on launching “smart bands” to reinvigorate attention for the first-gen product. Of course, new software with what many believe will be a new version of watchOS will help, too.

Also back in the summer, unnamed sources in Apple’s supply chain in Asia were quoted as saying that the second-generation Apple Watch will be a bit thinner than the first model in order to accommodate a bigger battery.

An Apple-branded modem chip embedded into an ‘S2’ system-in-package would theoretically allow a future Apple Watch to become a truly standalone device, untangled from its dependency on the iPhone for cellular connectivity and location services.



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