Sidefari review: A clever app that lets you use two Safari windows with Split View

With iOS 9, Apple finally introduced Split-View multitasking features for the iPad. However, there is a major gripe with how Apple had implemented it for Safari: there is simply no way to have multiple tabs open side-by-side.

The app, which is available for purchase for only $0.99, comes courtesy of developer Franscico Cantu. Just made available today, Sidefari can come in handy for any user with an iPad that’s capable of Split View, but will be something that is most appreciated by iPad Pro owners.

Instead, the app works as a companion to Safari. With a webpage open in Safari, you simply need to invoke Sidefari from the Split-View menu and then proceed to type in or paste the URL that you want to visit. You can also use the Sidefari extension to send the link from Safari to the app. The app is also capable of holding up to 50 URLs in history for you, but that’s the only other feature it offers.

Sidefari works on all iPads that support the new multitasking features in iOS 9 including the iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and the iPad mini 4.

Sidefari ($0.99$)


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