Official Apple Watch charging dock packaging leaked in new photo

According to a reliable source who spoke with French blog, an official Apple-branded dock for the Apple Watch has been in the works since the device’s April 2015 debut and is reportedly imminent. A leaked packaging photo suggests the charging dock will be marketed as the Magnetic Charging Dock.

According to the initial report, the new dock will be called the “Magnetic Charging Dock,” which lines up with the images tied to the report. The dock will allegedly support the Watch in both landscape and portrait modes, so you won’t have to put it on in a certain way to make sure it’s charging when you need it to.

The new dock will also come with a Lightning cable, which will be used to charge the Watch while it’s on the dock. However, the packaging doesn’t appear to indicate that it will feature a USB power adapter. As far as pricing goes, the packaging suggests it will retail for €89, which means it will probably retail for $79.

What do you think of the idea and price?



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