Facebook makes it easy to login to Apple TV apps with new SDK

Facebook has announced the beta release of an SDK for the Apple TV and tvOS.

If you’ve ever had to input text on an Apple TV — or any other set-top box, for that matter — you’ll know it’s a painful experience; you have to navigate an on-screen keyboard using buttons on your remote, and it takes too long. But Facebook’s new SDK fixes that.

Apps that use Facebook login won’t ask users to login with their email address and password. Instead, it will present them with a unique eight-digit code that they can enter into their browser on any computer or mobile device — using a proper keyboard.

In addition to Facebook login, the new SDK lets users share links, photos, videos, and other content from within tvOS apps with their Facebook friends — and allows developers access Facebook analytics to get a better understanding of their audience, and how their app is used.

If you’re a tvOS developer who’s interested in using Facebook’s new SDK, check out the company’s development guide for more details.


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