Apple’s App Store has gotten a boost to its search engine recently

Apple has been working hard in recent weeks to make App Store search results smarter and more relevant, reports TechCrunch. The outlet points to comments from high profile app developers, who began noticing changes to the search results earlier this month and a major algorithm update on November 12.

“I just searched Twitter on the App Store and Instagram is gone,” Contrast’s David Barnardpointed out on Twitter. “Tweetbot is #4, Twitterrific #5, and more relevant results overall.” Tapbots developer Paul Haddad also spotted the change, noting that the change has had a significant impact on his app searches.

According to the CEO of AppFigures, Ariel Michaeli, the App Store’s changes now means it accounts for the “essence of the app,” a new way to look at the suggestion function within the search parameters, which puts more emphasis on on-page components.

It’s good news all around that Apple is still working on improving its App Stores and search results.


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