Apple releases new guided tour highlighting how to set up Apple Pay

In the midst of an advertising blitz from competitors Google and Samsung, Apple has posted a new video to its YouTube channel as a means of informing customers and potential customers about Apple Pay.

The video, which falls under the Guided Tour umbrella, details the Apple Pay setup process, security information, touch-less payment at POS terminals, and more. For those of us who use Apple Pay everyday, there’s nothing new to learn here, but it’s a great overview for new users and potential customers.

In the video, Apple strongly enforces the idea that Apple Pay is, above all other things, a secure form of payment. Thanks to the tokenization architecture employed by the mobile payment platform, there’s no need for things like credit card number, CVV, and other pertinent identification data to be store on device or to be transmitted to merchants.

Are you using Apple Pay on your iPhone 6 os iPhone 6s? How has your overall experience been with it?


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