Apple publishes holiday ad ‘Someday at Christmas’ with Stevie Wonder and Andra Daye

Apple today posted a nicely done television commercial featuring blind musician Stevie Wonder and soul, R&B, jazz and blues singer Andra Day. The holiday-themed ad cleverly promotes the Mac and VoiceOver and Accessibility features.

The ad is one of the company’s long ones, running over a minute, and shows Stevie Wonder working with a MacBook Pro, GarageBand and a piano as he puts together his holiday classic, “Someday at Christmas,” which was released back in 1967. The song is ultimately performed with singer Andra Daye. It’s a nice ad, not overly hyping up Apple products, even if the Apple Watch makes an appearance as well.
“From our family to yours, Andra Day and Stevie Wonder perform his 1967 holiday classic, ‘Someday At Christmas’.”

Speaking of holiday ads, here’s a quick recap of all Christmas commercials by the Cupertino firm, courtesy of the EveryAppleAd channel on YouTube.

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