Apple Pencil now available at Best Buy

The Apple Pencil is now available for online order at Best Buy, and you can get it delivered Monday, if you act fast. There are three delivery options that I see: December 2nd with free shipping, or expedited or express shipping that will have the Apple Pencil at your door by early next week. If you’ve been looking for an Apple Pencil, you should head over to Best Buy today, and get your order in fast.

With free expedited shipping, the Apple Pencil will arrive by Tuesday, November 24. And with express shipping, the stylus will arrive by Monday, November 23.

As it stands right now, Best Buy has the Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro also listed as a new product, but shipping isn’t available just yet. Best Buy’s online landing page for the accessory does suggest finding it in a retail store might be possible, though.

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