Apple expected to launch 4-inch iPhone 6c in mid-2016

The original iPhone 5c was probably one of the oddest iPhones ever released. Under the hood, it was technically the same iPhone 5 released one year before it, but instead of wrapping its internals in a metal body, the 5c made use of a polycarbonate shell. It was also viewed as a rather expensive piece of hardware and not much of an affordable entry in the iOS ecosystem.

Now Kevin Wang, director of technology research at IHS in China, says the iPhone 5c successor will finally make its debut in the middle of 2016. Wang doesn’t reveal any more information, other than a reassurance that the device will indeed carry a 4-inch screen.

Given that these iPhone 6c rumors just won’t die, it seems like there is certainly a possibility Apple is pondering a second stab at the more affordable C-series iPhone. But whether or not the device actually makes it to market seems a little unlikely now.

We recommend taking the latest report with a pinch of salt for now. Wang also told us back in August that the iPhone 6c would go on sale before the end of 2015, and that almost certainly isn’t going to happen.


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