Weekly Roundup: 13 new and noteworthy Jailbreak tweaks of the week (Oct 11)

Just when you thought the jailbreak community was being hit by a tweaks drought, developers come out of nowhere to prove me wrong. For instance, jailbreak developer Creatix is responsible for the launch of no less than four tweaks this past week, and although they won’t revolutionize the way you use your iPhone, they certainly will make your life a bit easier.

The newly released tweaks range from bringing App Store-like reviews to Cydia to changing the YouTube navigation back to how it was before the app’s update.

Animator ($1.99): animates the app icons on the Home screen.

BatteryIcon (Free): adds an app icon to Home screen that shows the battery level of your device and provides quick shortcut to battery usage settings.

Censio (Free): brings App Store-like reviews to Cydia.

DeleteForever (Free): allows you to delete pictures in Photos app permanently.

FBVP Enabler (Free): enables Facebook Video Profiles.

iAdministrator (Free): shows the device and system information.

Mimoji ($0.99): adds a Favorites section to Emoji keyboard.

ShowMeMore (Free): displays all the Camera Roll photos when you want to share a picture in Messages.

TimeWize ($1.49): lets you fully customize the time on the Lock screen.

WhatsApp InAppQr (Free): provides quick reply within WhatsApp so that you don’t have to leave the current conversation to respond to others.

WhatWereYouThinkingYT (Free): shrinks and colorizes the YouTube navigation bar.

YoutubeDL (Free): is a YouTube downloader tool for WhatsApp.

YTOldNav (Free): brings back the old navigation of YouTube. [Read our review]


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