Some users who restored backup from their old iPhone affected by Display Bug

It looks like that many iPhone 6s users are facing a problem with the display on their devices after restoring backup from their old iPhones. The display bug causes certain apps to look zoomed in. The issue is only affecting iPhone 6s owners who restored their data from the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, or the iPhone 5s using iCloud.

The problem primarily affects built-in iOS apps like Wallet, Weather, Watch, Calculator, and Health. Since these apps have a zoomed in view, certain buttons and data being displayed at their edges are cut off from the screen. Due to this problem, the affected iPhone 6s owners are unable to remove cards from their Wallet app.

Restarting the device does not fix the problem, and there are only two workaround for it. The first one involves resetting your iPhone and setting it up again as new. The second method is to enable the Display Zoom feature that will make the Wallet app usable again, but leave the rest of the iOS UI zoomed in.

However, Apple is reportedly working on a fix for this issue and we shall see a new update very soon that will fix this problem.

Are you facing any kind of display bugs on your iPhone ?



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