Ryan Petrich releases Activator beta for iOS 9 that includes new shortcut actions

If you’ve been waiting for Ryan Petrich to release an update to Activator, you’ve not been alone. The good news is that Ryan has just updated his beta repo with an iOS 9 compatible version of Activator and RocketBootstrap.

Many of the tweaks available on Cydia require Activator as a prerequisite, so not having it meant a lot of tweaks were simply unusable. Now that Ryan has updated Activator with iOS 9 compatibility, many of those tweaks will function like they should.

In order to install Activator you will need to add Ryan Petrich repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo

The addition of shortcut actions is pretty cool. This allows you to use an Activator gesture to invoke a 3D Touch shortcut for the apps installed on your iPhone. For example, you can set up a triple press of the Home button gesture to invoke the Take Selfie shortcut action found in the stock Camera app. This basically allows you to access deep links within apps normally reserved for 3D Touch via quick Activator gestures—that’s awesome.


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