Magic Trackpad 2, new Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse 2 receive the teardown treatment; earn 3 of 10 in repairability score

Repair experts over at iFixit have performed an interesting triple teardown of Apple’s latest Magic accessories—the Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard—and found that all three devices are outfitted with many of the same chips also found in other Apple products.

First of all, the devices all share similar Bluetooth 3.0 chips from Broadcom (the BCM20733), which is interesting for the Magic Trackpad 2, seeing as that accessory needs a Bluetooth 4.0-equipped Mac to pair to it. On top of that, all three accessories use the same lithium-ion battery.

The Magic Mouse 2, according to iFixit, is pretty much identical to its predecessor, except for some key differences. For one, the lithium-ion battery has replaced the point of entry for the pair of AA batteries needed in the older model of the mouse. Interestingly enough, the Lightning port is actually on the bottom of the mouse, which, as many Mouse 2 owners will find out, makes charging and using the device impossible.

“The Magic Mouse 2 is temporarily useless when wired—unless you plan to use your forehead as a mousepad,” iFixit remarked jokingly. The Magic Mouse uses a 3.76 V, 7.28 Wh, 1,986 mAh lithium-ion battery capable of holding about nine percent more juice than the one inside the iPhone 6s.

And here are the chips used:
  • Broadcom BCM20733 Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth 3.0 Single-Chip Solution
  • Unknown 303S0499—probably a proprietary Apple touch controller
  • NXP 1608A1 Charging IC
  • Texas Instruments 56AYZ21
  • ST Microelectronics STM32F103VB 72 MHz 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M3
The device bears a model number of “A1657”.

As for the new Magic Keyboard, it features a similar keyboard layout and profile as the 12-inch MacBook, but instead of the laptop’s butterfly key switches, the new Magic Keyboard boasts the familiar scissor mechanism. The new keys have only a single millimeter of travel, and users will notice that they press down completely flat like the 12-inch MacBook’s keyboard.


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