Facebook is aware the iOS app is draining battery life and they’re working on a fix

It is no secret that Facebook’s mobile app has always been a battery hog, even with Background App Refresh turned off. Instead of fixing the issue, Facebook appears to employ tricks to keep the app active in the background, further accentuating the battery drainage problem.

The issues with Facebook’s iOS app draining battery have been a widespread one, with several different pieces covering the issue. That includes from Circa’s co-founder Matt Galligan, which denounces the Facebook iOS app as being “ridiculous” as he notes that it has taken 15% of his battery life over the course of seven days, despite the fact that he’s had Background App Refresh disabled for the app:
“Despite having background app refresh disabled, because the app isn’t “sleeping” properly when I hit the home button, it continues to drain.”
Nick Heer also blogged about the situation as well, and even went a bit further than Galligan, stating that Facebook’s iOS app is actually “user hostile,” and states that one way to improve battery life with the iOS Facebook app is to actually turn Background App Refresh on, instead of disabling it as many people have been doing. Of course, the app is still draining significant amount of battery life, whether the app refresh setting is turned on or off.
“Make no mistake: this is user-hostile. Facebook is actively creating channels to continue refreshing their app in the background when the user has explicitly stated that they do not want it to. Ironically, the best way to reduce the battery and data consumption of the Facebook app in the background is to switch Background App Refresh back on. Better still, remove the Facebook app from your phone, and perhaps replace it with Paper (US store only).” 

If you have been plagued with the excessive battery drainage caused by Facebook’s main mobile app, you should install their Paper app which doesn’t seem to be active in the background when Background App Refresh is turned off.

Paper is also more elegant and user-friendly than the main iOS app. Unfortunately, Paper is US-only so you’ll need a US App Store account in order to download it.



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