Apple Watch goes on sale at Target this week

It’s one thing to be featured in Best Buy stores, a retailer that specializes solely in technology. It’s a whole another thing to be featured in Target stores, one of the most popular general retailers in the United States.

Target will offer a range of different colors, including the new gold and rose gold aluminum Apple Watch Sport models, which were unveiled during the iPhone 6s keynote last month. Prices will be in line with Apple’s, starting at $349 and rising to $599.

Apple Watch will initially be available in select Target stores this week, before rolling out to all stores by October 25. You’ll also be able to order the device from beginning October 18.

Those with a REDcard will be eligible for free shipping on online orders, and Target mentions up to 5 percent off in its press release, too. However, this discount doesn’t normally apply to other Apple products, so we don’t expect it to be available with Apple Watch, either.


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