Apple Maps activates transit data for Boston area; picks up Amtrak routes in Northeastern U.S.

As part of its efforts to add transit directions in iOS 9, Apple has recently updated Apple Maps to include multiple Amtrak routes in the Northeastern United States. Available mainly in the cities where transit directions have been implemented, the longest Amtrak route available runs from Chicago to New York.

According to a report published by MacRumors, that time has arrived, as transit information for the Boston area is now being displayed within Apple Maps. Now that transit information is available, Boston area residents can ascertain routes for Amtrak, as well as the railway system, buses, and more.

(It’s worth noting that Sydney, Austrlia, was also announced for support later in October at the same time as Boston’s timeframe. However, as of this writing, it appears that transit information is still not live in Sydney.)

On top of that, Apple Maps has also picked up support for Amtrak routes in the Northeastern area of the United States, extending as far as the northern part of the Midwest. Amtrak routes are essentially supported in the areas where transit information is already available, like New York City, with the longest route extending from that city all the way to Chicago, Illinois.



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