watchOS 2 delayed due to critical bug

Apple has delayed its release of the highly-anticipated watchOS update for the Apple Watch. Apple confirmed with TechCrunch that it would not be releasing watchOS 2 today as scheduled, but would do so shortly.

As first tweeted by USA Today tech columnist Ed Baig, Apple has apparently found a bug in the last few moments before public release in watchOS 2. Unfortunately, the tweet doesn’t hold any additional information, especially pertaining to what the bug might be:
“We have discovered a bug in development of watchOS 2 that is taking a bit longer to fix than we expected,” an Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We will not release watchOS 2 today but will shortly.”
Once Apple does release watchOS 2, it will be the first major update to the platform to do. A highly anticipated release on both the user and developer end, watchOS 2 promises to bring native apps, custom complications, photo watch faces, and more to the table.

It’s still unclear as to whether or not Apple will issue a new GM seed for watchOS 2 given the time table. We’ll sure to update you as soon as we hear anything new about watchOS 2 and its release.

As far as iOS 9 goes, though, that release is still intended for today Unless they discover a critical bug in it :D. 


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