Upcoming jailbreak tweak will bring 3D Touch to iOS 8 and older iPhones

If you don’t plan on buying one of the new iPhones, but are intrigued by the iPhone 6s’ hallmark 3D Touch feature, you might want to listen up. Popular jailbreak developer Elias Limneos is currently working on a 3D Touch-inspired jailbreak tweak.

With the new feature, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can now detect how much pressure has been applied to the screen. This means that you can press harder on the screen to perform specific actions. For instance, while inside apps like Notes, Mail, and Messages, you can make the keyboard behave like a trackpad by pressing harder on it to easily manipulate text.

Now an upcoming jailbreak tweak has been teased in a new video by popular Cydia developer Elias Limneos which appears to bring the 3D Touch feature to iOS 8. This doesn’t mean that the tweak will enable your device to differentiate between hard and light presses but rather brings the same actions and shortcuts of 3D Touch to iOS 8, and more importantly older iPhones.

As you can see from the video, Limneos has 3D Touch-inspired shortcut gestures for the Phone app, Settings app, and Camera app. The tweak will likely feature Activator support for customizing the invoking method for the pop-up shortcut menus, but to align itself more closely to how the real 3D Touch works, users will be able to long-press on apps to bring up the shortcuts.

I guess it wouldn’t be right to finish this post without mentioning Velox. It was one of the first jailbreak tweaks to introduce these types of shortcuts, although Touch 3D more closely emulates the way Apple is doing it on the iPhone 6s.

Along with Touch 3D, Limneos is working on another new feature inspired by what we saw from Wednesday’s keynote—Live Photos.


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