This Video shows iPhone 6s surviving for 1 hour under water

While we’ve yet to independently confirm the validity of such a test, a new video is making its rounds on YouTube showing an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus being submerged in bowls of water for over an hour. Each device then emerges from the bath apparently unscathed.

Apple has never touted its devices as being water proof, or even water resistant to any degree, but, assuming it’s legitimate, this video raises some interesting questions

Although this video sheds no light on the potential long term damage, it looks like both phones performed pretty admirably in the short term. Granted, the phones were literally just sitting in standing water, with no high pressure streams. It’s highly possible that the phones simply held up to the kind circumstances, and that subjecting the phone to a pool or a beach, or a shower would greatly increase the likelihood of water seepage and subsequent damage.

What do you think ?


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