Student’s iPhone stops bullet during armed robbery

A Fresno State student was saved by his iPhone during an armed robbery. It stopped a bullet but the shooting has raised questions of security. The victim was on his way home to the Campus Edge Apartments on Monday night when his backpack was stolen by an armed thief who had gotten in through the open campus gates. Before taking off with a laptop, the thief shot the student in the leg.

“He took a gun, after he took the backpack of my roommate, and he shot him in the leg but my roommate is very lucky,” Faris Alotaibi, the victom’s roommate, told ABC 30. “I looked at his jeans and it was torn open. He showed me the phone, the bullet was very clear, destroyed it and broke it into pieces.”

Although the iPhone was broken beyond repair, it managed to stop the bullet that would have hit its owner in the leg. However, the victim was still shaken by the incident, and has already left Fresno. “He wants to drop all courses and he will never come back,” Alotaibi said.

Management at the apartment complex says it is looking into better lighting and surveillance cameras. Meanwhile, investigators are searching for the gunman. Witnesses say he's a big guy, roughly, 5'10 and 170 pounds.


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