Some users are getting false iOS 9 update alerts every time they unlock their iOS device

In the last few days some users installed iOS 9 beta on their iOS devices and it looks like most of them reported that they are getting alerts informing them that “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from iOS 9 beta.”

It is not clear what it is the main reason for getting the message. We had a similar issue with one of our devices running iOS 9 beta 5, and it stopped after we installed iOS 9 GM, which was released last week. So if you’re getting the error message, then I would recommend installing iOS 9 GM. Update: As with all GM builds, you won’t get an OTA update for iOS 9 GM from previous betas. You will need to download it from iOS Dev Center and install it manually on your device. You can follow the instructions in this post if you need help.

Apple had announced plans to release iOS 9 to the public this Wednesday, September 16 at its “Hey Siri” event.

It is possible that it is because iOS 9 beta is going to expire very soon, but the annoying popup message every time you unlock the device seems like a bug.

ARe you getting any kind of false update on your device ?

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