New In iOS 9: Spotlight can solve Math problems

There is too many features we've seen in iOS 9, Apple's newest major software update for Apple devices. One of the things I've noticed while digging inside iOS 9 searching for new features is that the spotlight now can quick answers to simple math problems. Prior to iOS 9, Spotlight on iOS was extremely limited, but thanks to some major effort on the part of Spotlight’s engineering team, the search feature is starting slowly creep towards its feature-rich big brother on Mac.

One detail that’s been flying under the radar is Spotlight’s new ability to solve simple math problems directly from the Spotlight interface. It’s like having a calculator app that’s readily accessible with just a simple swipe from the Home screen.

It’s the little features like this that will convince me and others to use Spotlight search in iOS 9 more regularly. In versions previous to iOS 9, Spotlight was more of a forgotten afterthought.
Also you can use spotlight to quickly change Dollar to Euro or vice versa and the rest of coins..
So what do you think ?


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