New In iOS 9: 'Past and Go' and 'Paste and Search'

Day after day we discover new features in Apple's new iOS 9 software. The new feature is found in Safari mobile browser and allows you to quickly paste an item from your pasteboard, and submit a search via Safari. iOS 9 also allows you to quickly paste a URL and submit the URL.

Both of these features require that a user have text copied to the pasteboard, whether that be a full URL, or general text for performing a search. Of course, this isn’t a huge groundbreaking feature, but it can save you seconds, and over time, seconds add up.

When you have text or a URL copied to your pasteboard, simply tap and hold on the address/search bar directly in Safari. You’ll then see the address bar turn a darker shade of grey, followed by the iOS copy & paste menu.

If you’re not seeing these new options, make sure that you’re tapping and holding on the address bar directly. If you tap on the address bar and it goes into edit mode, where you can edit the text or URL in the address bar, then you will not see the new options.


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