iOS 9 Problems: Users Report Lagging, Crashing

According to a lengthy, and growing, thread on MacRumors Forums, an unknown portion of people who have updated their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices to iOS 9 are now complaining about sluggish performance and unexpected crashes.

Some folks are even going as far as to suggest that iOS 9 is laggier than iOS 8.

One Twitter user known as Jen Hernandez has even threatened violence against her Apple device. "The lag my phone now has because of iOS9 makes me want to throw it out the window," she wrote.

The problems have been dubbed "lag gate" by Christian Zibreg of the iDownload Blog. “Some folks are even going as far as to suggest that iOS 9 is laggier than iOS 8. Unfortunately, I’m one of them as well,” he wrote.

“iPhone is settled down but then the weird animation stutters randomly creep in, apps launch slower,” a disgruntled user complained.

“I honestly cannot stomach this sort of regression in a one year old phone. I’m scrambling to get back to iOS 8 and hope my back up is going to work.”

Contrast these reports with other fans who swear that their devices are faster, more reliable and less crash-prone after updating to iOS 9 so your mileage may, and definitely will vary.

“Total opposite for me,” says one poster. “I updated my iPad 3 and now iOS 9 is running muuuuch better and smoother than iOS 8 ever did.”

I’m going to try a fresh install of iOS 9 on my devices and hopefully it will be less laggy on my iPhone 6 Plus than it is now. Beta testers are saying that the forthcoming iOS 9.1 software update improves the performance considerably so you have something to look forward to.

So are you facing any lag troubles within iOS 9 ?


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